The truth about drinking

Recently a story from Chicago struck a nerve with me. In the article a reported nightlife promoter and business partner of was charged with 'aggravated DUI resulting in death and reckless homicide' involving a Chicago Cyclist.  From the details that I have read the accident was horrific, severing the cyclist leg. Sounds to me that he bled out on the road and had little chance to recover. No helmet can save you from something like that. 

It has been a few days since the story came out and it still rattles me. The content is not just unnerving because I once was a Chicago cyclist on those same streets but mainly because of the visibility and lifestyle of the promoter. He simply was doing his job, promoting to a specific demographic that visits nightclubs (like Cuvee) and catering to an image. What makes me sick (borderline noxious)  is that the content of this blog is somewhat related to that same lifestyle that he chose to promote. It just so happens that everything about the nightlife, clubs and mantra of binge drinking is exactly what I despise in this world. This is the point where it is time for me to ensure that any comparisons of content or lifestyle ends.

My previoius blog posts on Craft Cocktails contained a few passive aggressive comments regarding binge drinking. Let's review a couple of them:

Nothing says drunk college kid or vacationing white people more than random Margarita photos with ALL CAPS description and an exclamation mark.  Binge drinking margaritas in Wrigleyville will lead to nothing but bad decisions by the end of the night. Not to mention that this concoction is the number one cause of headaches, belly aches and overall miserableness the next day.  

Enough with the passive aggressive comments, give me a chance to be more clear regarding my hobby and my lifestyle around alcohol. 

  • Look at Craft Cocktails as a food item. I do not eat three steaks in one night for the same reason why I do not drink in excess. 
  • The art of making a drink is considered a craft in the same manner as that killer salsa recipe that your mother passed to you.
  • When imbibing, I expect a complex drink with many different flavors that can be picked up by more than one sense. Something you will not get with those horrible Red Bull Vodkas. 
  • Whenever I hear: that is a great drink it really got me f*cked up. I cringe because that is not my intent of sharing a drink.
  • If you drink with the sole purpose of getting buzzed and having a 'great time' then you by definition are viewing cocktails as a party drug which is no different then weed and ecstasy in my eyes.
  • If you cannot walk away from a beer or drink without finishing it, you are an alcoholic. Seek help.

On a personal level, let me share some of my 'odd' behaviors.

  • My max in one night is typically two to three drinks over the course of three hours. 
  • My Grandfather said to me 'nothing good happens at midnight'. That rule is something that I've stuck to many times and have been ridiculed by my friends on multiple occasions for it. Who cares what they think, my Grandfather is undoubtedly right.
  • There have been times that my max has been exceeded and it borderline bothers me because I know without a doubt that I am not in control. During these times, I stick to a group of friends because a little voice in my head tells me to not be alone because it will be easy to mug me. I really hate not being in control and not being fully aware of my surroundings.
  • It really bothers me when adults drink around kids. Even though the kids are not my own, you will not see me doing shots of vodka during Thanksgiving around impressionable toddlers. Yes that happens and I have seen grown adults do it routinely. 

Most importantly, when I do drink regardless of amount I have always hopped in a cab. Maybe this is why Chicago is such a drunk city but regardless it is all of our responsibilities to be aware of our choices and how they may negatively impact those around us.

You may view this post as judgmental, but I need it to be perfectly clear what my lifestyle choice is and what my stance is regarding alcohol. By no means am I perfect especially considering it took me so long to get to this phase in my life.  Please do not use my content here to aid in abusing alcohol, seek help immediately if you suspect otherwise.  Use this content responsibly and be aware of your actions.

My content and any projects that I pursue are meant to share a very specific craft with friends not to glorify getting wasted at a club. 

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